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Preff + National Restaurant Association Show

From May 18th - May 20th, Preff was in Chicago for the National Restaurant Association. There, we learned about the restaurant industry, networked in the space and took away key insights. All of this will be used to make Preff a better product for both restaurants and their customers.

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Covered in the Brown And White!

"In recent years, social media has frequently been viewed as a negative influence on social interaction rather than a means of connecting people.

However, one Lehigh-based startup is working to change that."

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Innovate, Celebrate Awards Dinner

We won the Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer '55 Grand Prize pitch competition! See more for photos from the event and coverage from Lehigh.

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A Test With 4 Months of Data

We tested Preff with +50 college students. The low-res prototype (a modified group message) allowed us to collect data into how we can make Preff. Meeting up over meals made 95% of users report that they felt more social and 7/10 reported seeing their friends more often.

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The Preff Team

Cameron Cipriano

As someone who values functionality over aesthetics, I use my technical background to ensure a reliable and functional experience with Preff by developing and maintaining our back-end.

John Cunningham

As a former restaurant worker, and a restaurant customer with strict food preferences, I combine my experiences, the experiences of our beta testers and my technical background to create informed product feature set and design.

William Peracchio

I've always been a numbers guy, and I enjoy data management and data analytics to help run the technical operations of Preff.

Dom Allen

My interests lie at the cross road of graphic design and web development, helping me to manage Preff branding, design and product.


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