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Post Your Lunch And Dinner Plans

No likes. No followers. None of that.
Instead, Preff actually helps you be more social.

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Meet Up Over Meals

Food has always brought people together. Everyone has time for lunch and dinner. By posting and letting friends join your lunch and dinner plans, Preff helps you be more social.


Preff isn't a social media network, it's a social meetup network. Instead of trying to distract people, we help bring people together.


Preff takes the negotiation and debate out of lunch and dinner. People simply post plans and friends and family join them.


Preff is easy to use with everyone in every social group. Anyone who doesn't have the Preff app gets a simple text message.


Every part of Preff, from our app to our business model, is designed with user privacy, attention and goals in mind.

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Preff Is For Everyone

Sports Team
Sports Teams

Whether you are playing varsity or intramural, teamwork is everything. You get to see a few people on the team every day, but Preff helps to bring everyone together over lunch and dinner.


There's nothing like building something great with good people. Having a sense of community builds morale and makes work a better experience. Everybody's going to grab a lunch break.

A group of college kids
College Organizations

In college, it can be hard to get to know people well. Organizations help, but the best way to turn acquaintances into friends is over a meal.

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